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DC Power Monitor Acquired SASO Certification Access to Saudi Arabia Market


ACT Power announced that its DC Power monitor received the prestigious SASO Quality

Mark certification. After its success in passing the standard tests, conducted by SASO, It is

one of the entities of excellence in all areas of standardization and quality locally and

regionally. Thus this certification is recognition of outstanding quality standards.

It is always giddy for various culture and regulation especially energy vertical market.

We collaborated with local partner to access middle east market by tailor-made design. We

not only elaborated the specific power input between 72 to 144 VDC but also offer option of

different touch such as projective capacitive/IR/SAW.

This step was taken to meet the increasing in demand for various sizes of monitor products in

the local markets. In the context of the company's efforts to contribute in the energy market

for Saudi Arabic area, it proves we are capable of high quality regulation and also understand

the local needs. We could shorten communication for your product requirement and in

another way you could to be more focus on penetration your own customer or market for

more profit return back.


Here is one of specification for your quickly browse: