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Wireless Network for Real Time Information of MRT Broadcasting


Traffic data acquisition is one of important tasks in intelligent traffic signal.  It have included for two elements: one is sensor and another is controller. The controller links with the central through cable connection and send back the data collected from the sensor.    

But to install hassle cables is not only the engineer cost high but also make maintenance high risk.   It will cause compliant if line get disconnection for each section.   It makes the potential failure is high and damage the system integrator’s reputation by unpredicted issues.    

Although wireless is not state-of-art technology, but ACT Power successfully implement wireless M2M (machine to machine ) serial terminals to help Taipei Metro system achieve the 94 % customer satisfaction by continue improving on site quality.  Taipei's insanely efficient, remarkably punctual and shockingly clean subway system is a marvel of mass transit every city should emulate.  Taipei Metro may well be the best mass transit system in the world.


In the application, our 4G terminal as model ECN-T4 links with the traffic data acquisition device using RS-485 INTERFACE.  The raw data from the detector is further analyzed by The data protocol analysis mechanism provided by the ECN-T4 and sorted data is transmitted to the central traffic control centre through CDMA network and internet in TCP/IP Packet.   Data can be temporarily stored in the memory buffer when CDMA is disconnected. From the system integrator’s point of view, all the integration on the terminal wireless connection is achieved by the plug-&-play of ECN-T4 and no change is necessary on the original detecting device. And only simple application is required at the central site to access the terminal data. The total system implementation can be accomplished within 3 weeks.