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Universiade Taipei 2017 Low Latency for Real-Time Video Streaming


From August 19 to 30, Taipei host the 29th Summer Universiade, a great opportunity to see world-class athletic competitions in Taiwan. Taipei Universidad advertisement draws a lot of international attention.  Especially they have realistic 3D artwork that has transformed a six-car MRT train into six different sporting venues. The car with swimming pool venue, which looks like a real water surface, has proven to be the most popular with commuters and tourists on social media.  Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation not only use creative way for advertisement but also try to turn it as revenue increasing.  They install the high quality ACT POWER monitor for informative message, real-time news and also get more revenue for the commercial income.  It even created USD 20million revenue at year of 2016.  


To remain the commercial video without lag while transit during cable internet, The key is Tx/Rx quantity should compress by speed without any delay. ACT POWER also offer the solution to bundle with monitor. It cause less complain from commuters and also reduce the system integrator on site maintains cost. Here are the product Introduction and applications for your reference for any possible projects.  





VT-HFT/R2 is a broadcast level HD HDMI optical transceiver, it canconvert the HDMI signal to a 10G different signal via patent conversion chip, its sending and receiving can be achieved by the optical module and fiber, so as to achieve long-distance transmission of HD multimedia HDMI signals. It is suitable for HD long-distance transmission and can support HDMI 1.4HD and 3D video signal transmission, and reverse-transmission od EDID, supports HDCP.