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55-inch Super-Slim Bezel Monitor


Datasheet (PDF)


Commercial Grade, High Performance, Stable

The monitor is equipped with industry-leading display performance and technology. Screen response is faster and more stable thanks to horizontal switching technology and S-IPS (In-Plane Switching) which alter the orientation of liquid crystal molecules, resulting in high performance and stable operations that satisfy the diverse professional display requirements of our customers.

 Built-in Video Wall Function

The video wall tile function and built-in screen position ID offer endless possibilities in creating amazing visuals.

Super Narrow Bezel Design Perfection

With the 2.8mm Super Narrow Bezel, a 2 x 2 four screen display can be integrated to produce visual imaging of seamless perfection.

High Fidelity, Crystal Clear Image

Designed with super high resolution that is four times that of Full HD and an S-IPS panel, the monitor features a unique color optimization function that improves the purity of colors and blacks for a more vivid image.

Wide Viewing Angle, Bright and Natural Colors

The unique color inversion, brightness switching performance, and 178 degree viewing angle result in a color distortion rate, i.e. the degree in which colors change depending on viewing angle, that is barely visible to the naked eye. The colors are bright, saturated and the image quality natural and perfectly consistent, regardless of viewing angle.

Outstanding Dynamic Images

Dynamic images are more fluid, clear, and detailed; issues of motion blur and jitters in traditional displays have been completely eliminated. The display is perfectly suitable for use as digital billboards, which require ultra-high image quality, and fulfills the requirements for rapid motion display. 

 Low Power Consumption for a Greener Environment

The IPS technology is more environmentally friendly. Improved and more reasonable arrangement of liquid crystal molecules has decreased the thickness of the liquid crystal layer, while changes made to screen transmittance have not only improved image quality but resulted in a panel that is thinner and more energy-efficient.