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HDMI UHD 4K Receiver


VT-HFT/R2-4K is a broadcast level HD HDMI optical transceiver, it can convert the HDMI signal to a 10G different signal via patent conversion chip, its sending and receiving can be achieved by the optical module and fiber, so as to achieve long distance transmission of HD multimedia HDMI signals. 
VT-HFT/R2-4K is suitable for HD long-distance transmission and can support HDMI 1.4HD and 3D video signal transmission, and reverse-transmission od EDID, supports HDCP.


  • Broadcast systems HD HDMI transmission
  • Subway platform HD video multimedia information publishing system
  • Train plaform HD video multimedia infromation publishing system
  • Long-distance transmission of HD signals in military exercise
  • Long-distance transmission of HD signals in security monitoring
  • HD video signal transmission in large-scale pedformances
  • A variety of HD video application occasions



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