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HDMI Full HD Fiber Receiver


HDMI Full HD Fiber Transceiver consists of HDMI transmitter VT-HFT2 and Receiver VT-HFR2, and so transmit HDMI, Audio , RS232 signals through one core single-mode fiber. One core single-mode fiber transmission distance is 1m~20Km, and the transmission has the advantages of low attenuation, wide band, high anti-jamming performance, high safetyperformance, small size and light weight, etc., and therefore it has incomparable advantagesinterms of long-distance transmission and in special environment. 


  • Broadcast systems HD HDMI transmission
  • Subway platform HD video multimedia information publishing system
  • Train plaform HD video multimedia infromation publishing system
  • Long-distance transmission of HD signals in military exercise
  • Long-distance transmission of HD signals in security monitoring
  • HD video signal transmission in large-scale pedformances
  • A variety of HD video application occasions


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Fiber Parameter

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