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  • EASYCON Control Series wireless wide range extension feature is your best solution for tough installation environment, and saving system installation time.
  • EASYCON Control Series no limited system expandability is suitable from small to large scale of the automatically control application requirement, such as smart home, smart office, intelligent building, factory, campus, dairy and agriculture, etc.
  • The EASYCON Pro (ECT-M1) is ideally suited to the requirements of large meeting rooms, media rooms, and integrated houses or offices with advanced control and automation features.



•Wireless Extension Module Design ─ Using LoRa Technology offers a very compelling mix of long range, low power consumption and secure data transmission between the ECT-M1 and eModules. The transmission distance could be up to2~5KM in dense urban*, and up to 10~15 KM theoretically in suburban*. eModule design make the system easily scalable to support a wide range of applications for different requirement.
•EASY Config as the System Program Generator ─ With user friendly interface and step by step simple process to make the system configuration and generate the  control system program.
•EASY App on Smart Device ─  System can be controlled by smart devices, such as smart phone, iPad, etc. Using smart device App to create user defined Zones, Scenes, Sensor Activated Events, Scheduling, and Equipment Controller.
•EASY Centre for Control and Monitoring on PC ─ Including all the function of EASY App, and support user defined graphic control and monitoring interface. EASY Centre also functions as a synchronization center for different smart devices running EASY App.
•Emergency Port Available ─ Emergency Port (EMP) can be trigger by the signal transmitted from control center while emergent situation occurred.
•Plenty Control Type Supported ─ Serial, Relay, IR, Digital I/O, IP, Analogue Input, Dimming, Light Color Temperature Control (C.T.).

Power Over Ethernet (POE) ─ Compatible with IEEE802.3af Class 0, support both Midspan and Endpoint PSE.