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  • Replace RS-485 and RS-232 cable
  • Overcome the cabling limitation in tough environment
  • Extend the signal transmission distance of RS232 and RS485
  • Easy installation will cost down and speed up the system setup
  • Avoid the fix cable being damaged by weather or wild animal in outdoor



  • Wide Range Wireless Data Transmission ─ Using LoRa Technology offers a very compelling mix of long range, low power consumption and secure data transmission between the host and client ECN-Lx. The transmission distance could be up to2~5KM in dense urban*, and up to 10~15 KM theoretically in suburban*.
  • Support Sub-1GHz ─ ECN-Lx provide deferent frequency range to fit legal ISM (Industrial Scientific Medical) band in deferent countries.  
  • ID-Mode and T-Mode for Different Applications ─ When use ECN-Lx on the client equipment which without ID number data, ID-Mode can help to recognize what the signal sent from. If don’t need to identify  what the signal sent from or the client equipment with ID number data, then set the Dip Switch on T-Mode.
  • Tx / Rx Mode Changeable – While under ID Mode, Tx or Rx function can be set by dip switch on ECN-Lx.
  • Interference Prevention Design Between The Same Systems ─ There are 8 frequency segments can be choose on each ECN-Lx to  prevent the interference between the nearby same systems .
  • Different Baud Rate Available ─ Baud Rate 11520038400192009600 bps can be set by dip switch.
  • Engineering Mode Available ─ Support the Engineering mode for trouble shooting.
  • LED indicator – There are 3 LEDs to indicate the power and transmission status.

Order Information

ECN-L4         433MHz Range

ECN-L8         868MHz

ECN-L9         915MHz

ECP-A91501  2dBi 902-928MHz Antenna