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ECN-R2 Series


Industry-Leading RS232/485 Wireless Platform

ECN-R2 Series Terminals function operate on the 2.4GHz global ISM band. The compact and flexible ECN-R2 Series Terminals offer the quickest and easiest path to standards-based wireless networking, translating to shorter time-to-market in the development of your wireless M2M enable product.


Seamless Integration of ZigBee With GPRS/CDMA

ECN-R2 Series Terminals allow you to implement and bench test both simple point-to-point and sophisticated mesh networks, to facilitate remote monitoring and control functions for a wide variety of industry applications. In addition to short-range wireless networking, ECN-R2 can be connected to GPRS/W-CDMA Terminal family to provide global monitoring and control expansion of your WPAN built with M2M terminals.


  • Ultra low power design M2M serial Terminals.
  • Industry-standard RS232/RS485,Ethernet, ADC, DIO ports.
  • ZigBee serial data communications featuring star, cluster tree and mesh networking.
  • Total M2M solution enables integration of ZigBee technology with GPRS/W-CDMA.
  • Easy-to-use MiniTool and ECN-R2E Configuration Management Software for building, testing and monitoring custom ZigBee Networks.
  • Supports maximum of 65535 nodes.