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Most developer boards in the market today are not ready to be productised and require a lengthy process of hardware development and tweaking that can set a project back months. With Project-X you can build your solution on top, without the need to go back to the drawing board, courtesy of a standardized mezzanine connector. This enables quick prototyping and testing of the features you need, on an already tested and proven hardware platform. This is what truly sets Project-X apart from the competition today.

Not only does the use of mezzanine boards shorten the time to market significantly, but it also helps save money on engineering related costs and it can significantly reduce the development time. A range of developer friendly mezzanine boards will be on offer to get you started. ACT POWER will also work with you to create retail ready solutions that fits your product needs, ranging from customized mezzanine boards to IoT modules, all the way to housings and power supplies.

Project-X is ideally suited for anything from prototype runs to smaller pre-production runs, through to full-scale production. The first Project-X board which has been unveiled at Computex,2017 is an entry-level PICO-ITX based board with an ARM Cortex-A7 processor. A higher-end solution based on an Intel Atom processor is planned for later in 2017.

Both platforms can be customized to suit your needs with other pin-to-pin compatible processor options on a case to case basis. Additionally, RAM and storage options are also flexible to fit your needs.

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