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4K Low Latency Encoding Bundle with IP65 Display for Rapid Transit Transportation Outdoor Platform


One of Asian government have recently introduced it's master plan for improving digital signage and ACT POWER is set to help outdoor mass rapid transit to carry out a comprehensive refurbishment program through cooperation with system integrator. Of course, there are more common and universal applications of digital signage content in mass transit than the innovative applications above.

It is not only the infotainment display but also included the benefit as below:

The chanllenges for installation are:

ACT POWER acquired the project by proposal with 47"& 55" IP65 LCD displays and also 4K content encoder/ decoder in real-time.


47" LCD displays

4K Encoder/ decoder

In current years, digital signage is becoming more prevalent in transport industry and is considered as an effective tool to manage passengers flow. Not only crucial information can be delivered to passengers in real-time via digital signage, it also generates substantial revenue for transport operators as well as advertising agencies.

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