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What could you do if cable projectors are annoying while multiple people at conference room to present?


ACT power has designed in the solution for almost any device which could share live video streaming at 1080p, real-time data, web windows, documents, and presentations. Users can annotate on screen, coordinate using voice and text chat, share whiteboards, and jointly edit documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. Any visitor can walk into the conference room and wirelessly present their laptop screen to both local and remote participants. You don't need to worry about projectors compatible if visitors are equipped with various notebook brands. They could just simply present any content after connecting with wireless even without proper display port support.


Our device has been selected by one of leading edge Pro AV worldwide brand which engage at smart technology products and solutions over 35 years. We have been found by our reliable network partners which could deliver superior product to optimize their solutions. The commpact design which could keep the space clean and professional. Our flexible coordinate ability could support any tailor-made design to fulfill any state of art technology.


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