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An Efficient and Unique Way to Promote Your Brand


An Efficient and Unique Way to Promote Your Brand  
ACT POWER’s video brochure lets you easily and effectively promote your product, service, or brand for your high-value clients and prospects.  All our video brochures are completely bespoke and made-to-order. With their wide range of flexibility and customizability in a number of aspects, including display size, graphic design, power switch options, and image and audio format, no two brochures will be exactly alike. 

Useful as display accessories, parting gifts, digital signage, information packets, and more, our video brochure is the best choice when it comes to advertisement and publicity. Its sleek notebook design comes with a 7" LCD display for the utmost convenience in use and transport, allowing for lightweight and portable high-quality audio/video. Materials such as halftone paper and a matte finish lend to its professional appearance, while its lithium battery gives it a solid 2 hours of life with continuous use, and up to twice that with intermittent. Other features include but are not limited to Windows software compatibility, 1024x600 digital resolution, and even Micro USB connector and cable that is easy for recharging the battery and transferring videos file.  


Build-up your branding uses for video brochures:

 Video brochures are available in various formats to suit your needs