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Secure WiFi Network & Connected Devices


Q-Branch Labs  is a leading supplier of network systems that safely secure wifi access systems. The application of the Internet has become an indispensable part of work and everyday life today. Wireless connections have also become a standard method of networking. Since wireless data can be transmitted once signals can be received, its security becomes crucial

Security. Privacy. Control. Vektor is the best solution to protect your network and your privacy, working with your existing router and providing the features it lacks. - Keeps hackers out of your home network - VPN router for complete privacy - Blocks ads, web trackers, and malware - AI-powered smart firewall - Protects both wired & wireless networks - One-wire installation, 60-second setup


Allwinner H5, provided by ACT POWER, is a high-speed wireless access platform with Linux embedded in the customized hardware and software. It provides a VPN solution that achieves what other platforms are unable to. It can prevent hacking, is easy to connect to, and is cost-effective.

We adopt ACT POWER’s unique DTOS solution to create a customized wifi access board and provide Multi-antenna 802.11ac WiFi for a strong signal. Two WiFi modules allow the Vektor to scan for threats while still providing a VPN-protected WiFi signal. The Vektor extends advanced cybersecurity protection to the entire home so hackers can't hide in a compromised TV to perform recon on an employee or their family. The Vektor automatically connects to the company VPN and starts broadcasting the office WiFi signal so you never need to wait for an VPN connection.


•Stable connectivity
•Improved wireless reach
•Protects both wired & wireless networks
•AI-powered smart firewall
•No VPN friction

Overseeing this project during the design stage, ACT POWER conducted a weekly consultancy meeting with Q-Brach-Labs product team to review all the details of the project during the design stage. ACT POWER followed the standards of NPDP process (New Product Development Procedure) completely to design the product and fulfill the final marketing promotional requirements. Because the client has high standards for both quality and performance, ACT POWER has built the best design team. Therefore, ACT POWER can perfectly meet client’s standards during early stage design and inspection and the company can quickly move to mass production.