Wired and wireless Hybrid Control System

EASYCON IOT is a long range, low power wide area wired and wireless hybrid environment control system specification designed for M2M and IOT application. Using sub gigahertz RF transmission technology, that provides ultra-long range spread spectrum communication and the coverage of this system can be up to 2-15 km. It is a new technology for battery powered sensors connectivity, and is relatively simple on backend infrastructure. It can be deployed in a wide variety of automatically applications such as environment monitoring, smart home, smart office, intelligent building, factory, campus, dairy and agriculture.

Features & Advantages

Building Automation

Electrical installations in both industrial and consumer buildings need to meet the new challenges of our growing power needs. The building automation control system, is designed to control and monitor the mechanical and electronic devices in a building. It increases efficiency and saves energy and costs when compared to a non-controlled building.

Smart Home / Smart Office