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Powerful, Reliable & Flexible Wireless Networking


ACT POWER highly integrated ECN-T5R terminal provides the LTE / 5G communication for M2M application. ECN-T5R is a smart 5G IoT gateway solution, including hardware platform and web-based management interface. ECN-T5R provides industry standard Ethernet and RS-232, which can be directly connected with professional industrial control acquisition equipment, detectors and local network.

ECN-T5R supports NR multi-band network, integrates the most advanced 5G module and standard interface, built-in communication protocol. ECN-T5R provides a safe and transparent transmission channel for powerful and versatile applications.

Equipment Management Software

With the plug-and-play method, the gateway device is connected to the original application system over Ethernet through the 5G network and Internet. The device management program is not only responsible for the management of the gateway device, but also data storage, access and data exchange. Therefore, the application system can communicate with remote devices mutually via the 5G network. Data can be exported, inquired and deleted regularly. The connection records and system information can also be stored completely.

ECN-T5R with remotely data monitoring and transmission function is a stable and reliable industrial-grade product. ECN-T5R can detects the 5G communication status at the same time and also provide the reconnection function. ECN-T5R used in the industrial field, providing solutions for wireless data transmission and industrial equipment control.

Simple and Convenient Parameter Setting

ECN-T5R is simple to set up, no need to develop a program, you can design a complete process, and the equipment can become a wireless solution at the lowest cost.

ECN-T5R not only provides a fast and cost-effective communication solution, but also enables rapid development of application systems without changing the original system architecture. Especially suitable for manufacturing and system integrators who are committed to shortening the time to market, increasing application flexibility and increasing added value.

Diversified Application Solutions

ECN-T5R is a cellular modem device, specially developed for IoT applications. It provides interfaces such as Ethernet RS-232/RS-485/IO, and is equipped with PPP, TCP and UDP protocols, which can convert user data into 5G network, and transmit data to the customer data service center through a complete transparent data channel. Network connections are quickly integrated into IoT applications.


ECN-T5R is a high-reliability product designed by industrial standards, easy to deploy and maintain, and suitable for applications in various fields, such as transportation, electric power SCADA, oil fields, coal mines, weather forecasting, environmental protection, water conservancy, heating, natural gas, petroleum, etc.



 • Support LTE /5G, wireless IoT solutions.

• Provide 10/100M Ethernet interface..

• Provide RS 232/485 interface.

• Provide I/O interface.

• Built-in Watchdog chip.

• Automatic reconnection function.

• Provides management settings interface.

• Provide IP based communication protocol.

• Provide PPP, TCP, UDP communication protocol.